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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nice Matin

Nice Matin's Five Napkin Burger
The Meat: From The Burger Maker (and the same blend as they use at 5 Napkin)
The Cheese: Gruyere
The Bun: Brioche – with sesame seeds
Flip Tip: Walk five minutes to a neighboring burger establishment.

The burger at Nice Matin was disappointing. Called the “Five Napkin Burger,” it’s the namesake of the widely acclaimed restaurant chain; however, the burger at this pricey French restaurant is nondescript and unmemorable, leaving a legacy far greater than its own.

The fries were average, the meat was pretty dry, and the burger components didn’t really blend. While it wasn't horrible, it’s just not worth 17 bucks in The Big Burger Apple.

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