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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rue 57

The Meat: Sirloin
The Cheese: Swiss
The Bun: Classic white
Flip Tip: Skip the fossilized bacon...

Rue 57 makes a "bon fait".

The meat, "three fingers" thick and perfectly cooked to order was juicy and well flavored. The roll, as a light as a butterfly kiss, had the unexpected ability to soak up all the drippings of this meat treat. Served simply with a raw red onion, this burger stands nicely on its own, but not among New York's best. Ordered with swiss and bacon this sandwich actually became slightly less juicy. The bacon was severely overcooked and too lean. Fried onions, oddly served on the side, enhanced the experience greatly. While the fries were enjoyably hot and crispy, a spot of truffle oil would have moved them from Citifield to Yankee Stadium. At $16 for the plain burger and $23 for the bacon, cheese and onion option the price is stuck in the heyday of Wall St bonus mania and left a foul taste on my pallet as I paid the bill.

Overall, Rue 57 makes an above-average burger, but for the price you can do much better -- even within walking distance.

- TA & LN

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