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Saturday, August 13, 2011

M. Well's

The Meat: 60% beef, 40% lamb (a custom blend from Pat LaFrieda)
The Cheese: None
The Bun: Rustic roll
Flip Tip: Several: The fries are very worth the extra $$$. Put your name down for a table, and pass the (exorbitant) waiting time strolling down Long Island City’s Vernon Boulevard or at nearby PS1. Finally, make sure that M. Well's is indeed open when you plan to go, as their schedule is a bit ... limited.

I dare say that the burger at M. Wells is life changing. Unlike the burgers at Burger Joint, the Palm, or Veselka, this burger is distinctly gourmet. The ketchup (which comes from First Field in New Jersey) has a spicy kick to it. Both sweet, the pickles are soft, whereas the grilled onions crunch. Finally, and most importantly, the meat is salty and rich.

Each bite is full of contrasts (fascinations), and the bun serves its proper purpose, as an edible plate.

M. Well’s is moving out of its current location at the end of the month, and we heard today that the management intends to have the restaurant re-settled by the end of the year. Let’s cross our fingers that this is a quick transition; I don’t know how long I can live without my new favorite burger.

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