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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bill's Bar and Burger

The Meat: Pat LaFrieda
The Cheese: American
The Bun: Classic sesame seed
Flip Tip: Try the cheese fries!

A delightful reprieve from the chic and style of the meat packing district, Bill's Bar and Burger lives up to it's name. With all the friendliness and comfort of your neighborhood pub, Bill's delivers a good burger for a good price.

The meat, one finger thick but juicy, is served on a soft and well-balanced roll. The burger, arriving alone on a plate, is topped with pickles, tomato, and a fair share of American cheese. At $8 and cooked perfectly to order (unusual for a low-brow burger), it is delightful, even if the special sauce evokes a bit of Big Mac vibe. After ogling our neighbors' cheese fries, we played copycat and ordered our own. The wedge-cut potatoes, often too mealy and hard, were cook crisply and topped with just the right amount of cheese whiz.

Bill's is a fine place to bring the kids, put down the shopping bags, watch a game, and enjoy a burger, a beer, and some finger-lickin' cheese fries.

-TA & KA

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