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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why did they cut the cheese?!

The Meat: 8 oz fresh ground beef
The Cheese: Imported Chimay
The Bun: Brioche

Though overly publicized burger honchos usually take the spotlight on the Upper West Side, the B Café burger, too, has a distinct and legitimate identity. This burger has a deep smoky flavor, on account of the grilled pancetta, and it oozes with burger juice. It sits atop an airy brioche bun and comes with caper remoulade. The frites, however, are the highlight of this burger experience; they are well-sized, well-salted, and well-cooked.

My only complaint at B-Café was that there simply wasn’t enough cheese on my burger. And in my book, that’s a very big “oy!”

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