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Monday, July 25, 2011

Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien

The Meat: *Top Secret*
The Cheese: Combination of white cheddar and Colby cheese
The Bun: Soft Roll
Flip Tip: Try a milkshake!
Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien Hotel attracts burger mavens from across the nation: Food Network magazine considers it the best burger in the whole State of New York; it's a Critic's Pick of New York Magazine; and CitySearch gives it 4.5 stars. For me, the burger joint cheeseburger was a treat -- and at the same time, it wasn't too spendy. At $6.89 a hamburger and $7.35 a cheeseburger, burger joint is one of the best deals in midtown. However, this burger was not entirely guilt free: Waiting on line kept me away from my desk for longer than expected, and this dirty burger made me want to balance its grease with something healthier, like celery or something.
The Burger Joint burger satisfied -- no doubt -- but I'm in no major rush to return: it was a solid B+. While delicious and juicy, there lacked the intriguing pazazz of the its neighboring power burgers.

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