One year. One hundred burgers. A quest that started out as a hobby, became an obsession, and has slowly transformed into a lifestyle. How much burger is too much burger? If there is such a thing, we'll let you know.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ABC Kitchen

The Meat: Texan Akaushi wagyu
The Cheese: Aged Bloomsday
The Bun: Sesame seed brioche from Eli's Bakery
Flip Tip: Try the salty-sweet sundae.

ABC Kitchen's burger is like everything else on their menu: innovative, well-executed, and a pleasure to eat. The meat, sourced from Texan cows with Japanese wagyu roots, is juicy, flavorful, and a perfect medium-rare. In this burger's case, however, the patty takes the back seat to its accoutrements. ABC chose grated aged Bloomsday cheese, a nutty, slightly sweet, and totally delicious divergence from the usual choice of cheeses. On top of the melt lies an artistic array of pickled jalapeños; aside from their aesthetic merits, the peppers add flavor without overpowering with spice. Finally, the fluffy brioche bun is coated with a light layer of ABC's homemade herb aioli, which combines arugula, chives, and basil to excellent effect. The burger is well-balanced, amply sized, and a welcome change from the more-often-than-not disappointing burgers at similarly "hot" restaurants.

Follow up with ABC's irresistible sundae -- salted caramel ice cream, candied peanuts & popcorn, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream -- for an old-fashioned, honest to goodness ABC food coma.

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