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Monday, August 22, 2011

Black Iron Burger Shop

The Meat: 80% lean chuck
The Cheese: Cheddar
The Bun: Sesame seed
Flip Tip: Try the black & blue, I guess...

Alphabet City's Black Iron Burger Shop is one of those places that just screams "burgers!" Dark lights, 19th century locomotive-chic, and $4 beer specials entice passers-by, promising a serious burger experience. Sadly, the burger did not live up to the facade. The meat was dry, the bun too bread-y, and the lettuce and tomato - instead of enhancing the experience - merely diluted the flavor.

However, a broader trial of the Black Iron offerings brought some hope. Their Black & Blue burger, sampled by an equally burger-inclined pal, offered far more flavor and satisfaction. Blue cheese and a sprinkle of cajun seasoning should not make or break a burger experience, but perhaps in this case a little spice went a long way.

Extra Juice:
Black Iron serves a crisp house brew straight from Wilkes-Barre, PA's Lion Brewery, a PBR-like Pennsylvania favorite.

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