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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Really Nice Bathroom Door?

The Meat: Master Purveyors
The CheeseGruyère
The Bun: Onion gruyère

This burger had all the makings of greatness: a thick, juicy patty, crinkle-cut pickle chips, a healthy dose of gruyère (always a Big Burger favorite), all served on a tantalizing onion and gruyère roll. But, as often happens with great (gruyère!) anticipation, Landmarc served up disappointment, medium rare. Though juicy, the meat was eclipsed by the tangy, unpleasant flavor of not-fully-melted cheese, and the bun, though full of potential, was surprisingly stale and flavorless. For the price and reputation, one would expect excellent service, cutting edge décor (the bathroom door, a giant airframe-like hunk of metal, was quite cool), and a perfectly executed burger, but this was far from the case. Apparently Landmarc's classically-trained French chefs missed the Kraft-single-in-microwave seminar in second grade.

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