One year. One hundred burgers. A quest that started out as a hobby, became an obsession, and has slowly transformed into a lifestyle. How much burger is too much burger? If there is such a thing, we'll let you know.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


The Meat: Short rib, chuck, tri-tip, and dry-aged steak trimmings
The Cheese: Choice of cheese
The Bun: Brioche
Flip Tip: They make bargains available. Don’t pay retail.

Beacon is a tempting place to take a co-worker on a date: its location, its “after-work special,” and its widely-acclaimed burger. However, if you want a second date, pick another restaurant. This burger was over-cooked and dry; the fries were cold; and, the service was a circus headache. The whole experience was one I would expect from a Hilton Hotel restaurant that is trying to be "upscale cuisine."

However, in Beacon’s defense (and giving your date the benefit of the doubt), the alcohol was plentiful and palatable.

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