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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Little Owl

The Meat: Pat LaFrieda brisket & short rib
The Cheese: American
The Bun: Homemade pizza dough and molasses
Flip Tip: Only at lunch and brunch


After months of searching, burger zen has finally been found. Hidden in the West Village, The Little Owl has perfected, in my mind, the art of burger: a flawless balance among meat, cheese, topping, and bun.

The meat was a logical choice: Pat LaFrieda brisket and short rib, a juicy blend that is rich but not overpowering. The patty is topped with Little Owl’s thick-cut maple-smoked bacon, providing exceptional flavor and texture. The cheese is interesting as well; whereas most other burgers offer a choice of “fancier” cheeses, the Little Owl stays simple with American.

This burger’s true magic lies in its bun. Absorptiveness and hardiness – two traits often taken for granted in bun construction – were the driving force behind a Little Owl search for the perfect bun. Pizza dough provides both, and a dash of molasses adds slight sweetness, giving the bun unique flavor and consistency.

The Little Owl burger is only available at lunch/brunch, but is more than worth any wait, trek, or hunger.


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