One year. One hundred burgers. A quest that started out as a hobby, became an obsession, and has slowly transformed into a lifestyle. How much burger is too much burger? If there is such a thing, we'll let you know.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


The Meat: Prime beef
The Cheese: Choice of cheese
The Bun: Traditional, seedless bun
Flip Tip: Grab a seat in the retro-style booths.

Everyone knows how hard it is for a restaurant to survive in New York, and since Primeburger has been around since 1938, I figured it must be indestructible – and totally delicious. Boy was I wrong.

My first burger at Primeburger was pretty good. Good enough that I ordered a second one. (The burgers at Primeburger are quite small, I swear.) However, the meat in the second burger tasted rather fishy, putting me off to the whole experience. As we had to pay extra for fries and supplement our first burger, lunch ended up costing far more than it should have. And a bigger price tag makes everything taste a bit less "prime."

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