One year. One hundred burgers. A quest that started out as a hobby, became an obsession, and has slowly transformed into a lifestyle. How much burger is too much burger? If there is such a thing, we'll let you know.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sheep Station

The Meat: 80% lean chuck, from Union Meat Market
The Cheese: Australian cheddar
The Bun: Sesame seed
Flip Tip: Grab some Sheep's Milk!

Sheep Station, located in up-and-coming Gowanus in Brooklyn, serves up an eclectic “Australian” burger. Topped with grilled pineapple, beets, caramelized onions, and a fried egg, this burger is an exercise in both balance and flavor. Despite its laundry list of ingredients, the burger maintained its shape and stack surprisingly well through the experience. And although many overloaded burgers suffer from the “kitchen sink” effect, the myriad toppings blended together quite nicely, enhancing the meat’s flavor without overpowering it. Several bars and restaurants have opened up in this neighborhood recently, but none have a burger like Sheep Station!

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